Digital print; 150 × 297 mm.

This book with its long name is a dictionary with illustrations of monsters and definitions.
The monsters are categorised in 5 different species.
[1] please don’t hate me, I love you
[2] I need you
[3] everybody hates me
[4] whatever
[5] go away, I don’t care.

You can read about each monster
(1) Name
(2) Classification
(3) Rarity
(4) Colour
(5) Shape
(6) Size
(7) Place where you could find them
(8) How to capture them
(9) How to keep them
(10) How to use them
(11) Uniqueness
(12) Examples of usage
This dictionary is a result of my research about how people are communicating using a common phrase. Through observation and analyse experience, I could make a conclusion that there are always a lot of different hidden meaning in same dialog and same sounds. The poster underneath is showing that there are a lot of different kinds of “ HOW ARE YOU”. At the same time, there are always a lot of different kinds of “I AM FINE.”