Blackboard between DAE and Coffee You

Illustration on wall; 230 × 250 cm.

During the Dutch Design Week 2013 (DDW), I got offered two black boards to do anything that i want
to do. The black boards were placed between the entrance of Design Academy Eindhoven and cafe Coffeeyou which is next to it. A spot that would be quite crowded during the DDW. I wanted to do something interactive with the public by using my drawing skill as communication tool.
Dreams have always been one of my strong inspirations. Having dreams when you are sleeping happens unconsciously and non rational, but tells a lot about yourself. Everyday I collected dreams from the public passing by.People could come to board and write their dreams with chalks. I made one big drawing inspired by all the dreams from the day before. I was always there from 13:00 to 17:00, for ten days. It was really fascinating and intimate experience. Sometimes, people came to me when I was drawing and asked me about the project and we had a little chat. As a person who is really not good at approaching people (I have a shy personality), it was the most social and interactive project I have ever done.
A facebook page was created where people could see the drawings and stories of their dreams if they couldn’t come back the next day. It was also a way to document everything because I had to erase the drawings from day before, to start a new one.