Installation with objects; 100 × 45 × 150 cm. Animation; 2 min 17 sec.

Persona is from latin words means theatrical mask, role or a character played by an actor. Psychologist Carl Jung defined Persona as a kind of mask, designed to impress others, and at the same time conceal the true nature of the individual.
Daeun does not see a problem having mask to be part of the society. However when it comes too much, and when it comes to dominate your true feelings and bare face, she thinks this can be tragedy. Then you will never know what you really want, and whom you really want to be with.
Daeun wishes to make a physical opportunity to take off all the masks and rest your mind at ease. This design consists of top part and sitting part. Top part is wearable. It is inspired by swaddling clothes for babies which make pressure and you can feel relaxed. The sitting part is designed to make people’s feet floating which leads you to feel floating above the at the same time. Daeun bears in mind that it is not possible not to have mask in this complex society. Furthermore, it is not easy to find people to reveal your bare face without faking anything, or find time or place to be as you are. The reality.