Secret Cookie contract

Installation, performance; 400 x 50 x 300 cm.

Secret Cookie Factory is moving and fordable factory for everyone. Secret Cookie Factory is group work designed by five students (Maxime Benvenuto, Juhee Hahm, Daeun Lim, Floriane Misslin, Anne Texier) from Design Academy Eindhoven. The principle of the factory is simple.
[1] People read and sign the secret cookie contract, then write their one secret.
[2] The secret is folded and put in a random machine.
[3] People pick a new secret written by other participants.
[4] We bake a cookie and put the new chosen secret into it.
[5] The cookie is folded.
[6] People can leave with a new anonymous secret wrapped within a cookie.
[7] One can open the cookie whenever they
one wants.
However, how we build up this project is not simple at all. We had five individual projects under the assignment called‚ 'Harvest Feast' from our amazing teacher Wineke van Muiswinkel. We became one group and had to make one bigger project without losing our own individuality. We started with picking the most important essence of each project. They were: surprises, stories, questions, individuality, insurance-contract. The insurance-contract was my input.
My individual‚ 'Harvest Feast' project was about harvesting and sharing embarrassing moments.
I was mainly focusing on solving this questions:
[1] How can I open people’s mind to let them speak honestly about their shameful experience?
[2] How can I collect them anonymously in an analog way and not digitally?
[3] How can I let them share their stories without knowing who they are sharing their stories with?
The insurance- contract part was the solution that I have came up with for the first question. I know that people will sign an insurance paper or contract which is consist of a lot of promise when they feel insecure about something. The contract part became the very first step of the Secret Cookie Factory.
I would like to introduce my favourite Secret Cookie Factory story here:
It was the first time that we present the Cookie Factory to the public. It was working well as we've planned and everybody looked quite happy and surprised about our project. At some point there was a guy who tried our factory but his friends didn't. After he ate the cookie and checked the secret, his friends ran towards him to see the secret that he had got. Surprisingly, he ate the secret shouting “I've signed the contract!!!” I wanted to cry because I was so happy. It was one of the most amazing moments in my life, because it was the moment that I could see that the thing that I've made for other people really had right impact. (text by Unknown)